Delixi converter (hangzhou) co., LTD is located in the lake, delixi group is holding a high and new technology enterprise, is currently the largest domestic r&d, production, sales and technical services as one of the frequency conversion governor one of professional manufacturers.

        Delixi converter (hangzhou) co., LTD., is committed to be guided by independent research and development of high-tech industry enterprise, constantly improve the enterprise core competitive power for a long time. Successively introduced CDI9000 series inverter, CDI9100 series inverter, CDI9100 - S series inverter, CDI9200 - G series general-purpose inverter, CDI9200 - P series fan pump type inverter, CDI9200 - ZS series injection molding machine dedicated inverter, CDI9200 - GS series of constant pressure water supply system, CDI9200 - ZY series injection molding machine, CDI9600 series low voltage vector frequency converter, CDI9800 series vector frequency converter, CDIE180 series inverter, servo drives, motor soft starter, etc. Series of products. The company has high-quality talent, leading technology, first-class equipment, in new product research and development ability, according to customer demand transformation ability, ability to cope with complicated working condition, market marketing ability, production ability of organization to achieve industry-leading level. Company can provide the market with products to meet the needs of China's national conditions and international regional characteristics, in terms of technology, quality and service has strong comprehensive advantage of the products, has always been a leading position in market competition.


        In recent years, there have been dozens of products obtained national patent. Industry took the lead through the ISO9001:2008 system certification, in 2008, high-tech enterprises in the recognition of the first to be awarded the high-tech enterprises, the production of DELIXI brand frequency conversion governor become "hangzhou famous brand product", won the zhejiang observing contract and credit enterprise and other honorary title, ac permanent magnet synchronous motor servo drive system for municipal key technical innovation projects, CDRA series soft starter for issued by the China quality certification center "CCC" certification, CDI9100 - S series, a series of CDI9200 CDI9600 series, CDIE180 series frequency conversion governor have passed CE certification.

        The company nearly 200 cities in the country to establish a sales network, the market share is growing rapidly. Products are widely used in electric power, textile and chemical fiber, building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, municipal, paper making, food and beverage, tobacco and other industries and utilities. To continuously provide customers with quality products and services, actively around with technical service center, it has formed a large, complete, effective sales and service system, some products have been exported to Japan, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

        Company actively create a learning atmosphere, respect for each employee, play the potential of employees. The enterprise culture as the soul, with unique culture value concept system and rich and colorful life, shaped"company makes people" spirit of enterprise, set up perfect security system, let employees grow together with the company. Build around the pond development zone delixi science park, adumbrative we will write a new chapter, a new glory.